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I believe Einstein was referring to a life working for the betterment of mankind. There is a difference between helping other humans and giving in to pointless societal pressure.
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I like it. When my grandfather died, my sister used some of the cremains to make small pots for my mother and her siblings. It was touching to see them hold the pots, feeling the connection to their beloved father. It is a great way to honor a loved one.
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My father worked with people from Russia who lived right outside of NYC. When relatives came to visit, they had a list of places they wanted to see, like the city, the Statue of Liberty, and the Grand Canyon. They had no idea how far the canyon was from the New York area, and did not understand why they couldn't just hop in the car and drive there. Once they were shown the atlas and the actual scope of what we be involved in such a trip, they were astounded!
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Yes, I read the post, and no one would be able to talk me out of it. She knew she swallowed it, but the people around her just happened to be jerks about it.
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How does something like this even happen? Most people have a hard time swallowing a large pill, and a whole freaking pen just slips down there? And if I accidentally swallowed a pen, I'm rushing to an emergency ward. How can you just ignore an incident like that?
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The physical education I received only gave me (and many others) a distaste for sports. The phys ed teachers I had were sadistic ex jocks, obsessed with football and cruelty. Competition and winning were religion to these people. There was no attempt to make exercise fun. I have always been an active person, (hiking, biking, weights, etc.) but have zero interest in team sports. I blame those bastards.
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