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um. the total recall movie from the 90's was based on a book by Piers Anthony of the same name. That book was mosdef inspired by dick's work but nonetheless, I never hear anyone mention Piers Anthony when talking about Total Recall... and since I would love to see more of his work make it to film [Split Infinity, Xanth...] I feel obligated to point out this omission.
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Disneyland... you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany. We went recently and it was so packed that even the crappiest rides had an almost 2 hour wait. Never even got to go on Star Tours =(... even the fast pass [joke] was booked until 11 at night by the time we got to it - didn't matter because our fast passes that we got from the hotel didn't work anyway... and the park personnel told us we'd have to go back to the hotel to do anything about it... yeah I hate Disneyland now. 400 bucks for the honour of getting into the park so you can buy cheap plastic junk for 1000% markup. sigh.
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My daughter:

Eating clam chowder:
"My favorite part is the little clam legs"

Eating a chicken thigh/leg:
"I love the underarm"

To her Karate instructor:
"I have a white belt which means I'm first and you're last"

To me:
"I just don't like it when you don't do what I say."

she says these kinds of things *all* the time - ever since she could talk.
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pranav mistry [total genius] has some great ideas along this line... wouldn't be surprised if some of this code is in there somewhere...
He did a Ted talk some time ago on his 'Sixth Sense' interface ideas...

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my uncle has been making bike assist motors for *years* - http://www.thunderstruck-ev.com
This, being from MIT, is very nice however. I'd love to see if they open their motor controller source and schematics...
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