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How does the stupid auto-play video fit in? The one that jumps to the lower right corner when I scroll even though I closed it.
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"a pineapple is at its sweetest right before it falls apart" - Pineapples do not ripen. It stops growing as soon as it is cut, so if it's cut unripe, then it will be unripe until it rots. The best way to tell if a pineapple is ripe is to smell it. If it smells like a pineapple, it's good. If it smells like nothing or like some indistinguishable plant it was cut too soon. Don't buy it.
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What about conservatives that have killed 10018 last year because of their love for guns?I mean if we're just throwing around unsubstantiated accusations here, let's go for it!
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Yeah, this is what I don't get. He has to drive why? Let her go shopping on her own.He has to hold the purse? What? The purse goes into the cart.Hell, most Targets are grocery stores too, now, anyway. If this is really an issue, let your wife shop and head over and get some groceries.I don't get this at all.
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I think you'd be surprised. You could probably get in and take right off. The only catch is if you learned on a hydraulic vs. cable clutch and you get in to the one you didn't learn on. It's sometimes tricky going back and forth between those.
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