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Funny... I have had this movie on DVD for almost a year now. I bought it to show my 13-year-old twins but haven't yet. Since they are only 13 years old, they have never seen the "original" films, such as Frankenstein or Bride of... so, at this point, they would not have as much to relate to viewing this fantastic comedy by Brooks.
Eddie, your article just got me motivated to go to Amazon and pick up those originals and have a "Frankenstein" weekend, ending with the funny "Young Frankenstein"!
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I love this article... doing a magazine myself, I experience Photoshop errors all the time. Two things I have learned... when you make a mistake, don't keep going... it only gets worse - and - always show someone else your final design. Sometimes looking at a project too closely for hours can distort one's overall view.
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As a big-time record collector, I have often found that history (especially rock-and-roll history) is often wrong or misleading. There were so many black R&B artists that actually invented R&R, but radio would not give them airplay back then. It took a white "cover artist" to re-record the songs to get them played and sold.
Thanks for keeping the true history alive Eddie!
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This is exactly the kind of thing I have done... I took a photo in a grocery store (with the owner) at age 5, at age 19 and at age 58 (wish I had done one between 19 & 58)! Thanks for showing me that I'm not so silly!
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Did they wear "demi-cup" bras back then? (For the guys - they are low cut bras to show more clevage).
Maybe Victoria's Secret can use this one as a pattern to manufacture a new line of "Old VICTORIAn Bras".
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Don McLeans best remembered song is "American Pie", but MY all time favorite Mclean song is "And I Love Her So". Besides Don, Elvis Presley recorded it for an album of his own - but the best version was sung and recorded by none other than (don't laugh) Perry Como!
I never realized his idol was Buddy Holly. Holly appealed to other artists just like McLean had done a dozen years later. Thanks for the insight Eddie!
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Wow... I remember watching Gilligan's Island every time it was on. I even contacted Bob Denver through the mail, wanting to start a "Bob Denver Fan Club".

He was most gracious and invited me down to the studio where they filmed Gilligan's Island, but I was only a young teenager at the time, and my Mom didn't drive and my Dad worked during the days, so I never did get the chance.

I guess I always watched GI and "vegged out" never really seeing deeply into the episodes. It's fun to read Eddie's article now. I, like Eddie, loved MaryAnn.

The one item that really stands out to me was that Kurt Russell was in an episode! Man- that guy was everywhere!!!!!!

Thanks Eddie!
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In Australia, The McDonalds logo has the shape of the continent at the bottom of the McDonalds name.

Don't ask for napkins there though --- They are called "Serviettes". "Napkins" are the expression for women's sanitary napkins. I almost got my face slapped the first time I asked, "Where do you keep the napkins?"
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I was probably like most other young guys... I LOVED the Three Stooges. Every time one of their shorts came on television, I'd be there howling away and becoming more-and-more hyper until it was over and I could go outside to play and let some steam off.
For as many Stooge shorts I have seen - I never remember seeing the one that Eddie Deezen has written about. His article is very fascinating!
I watched a little of the video on Neatorama's site, and noticed that the Stooges appear so much shorter than the others in the film. Was that some sort of gimmick to make them seem even more vulnerable and funny? Thanks Eddie!
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