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An earthquake happened when the Bible said it did. Why does this bother anyone? It doesn't mean anyone should or shouldn't believe in God, it just means that the Bible writers accurately recorded an earthquake. I wish people would stop griping about this stuff.
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"There is no texting on my family phone service. Not only do I want to avoid paying for it, I also want to encourage my children to talk with people, instead of talking at them..."

Plenty of people talk AT me even though they are conversing with me, face-to-face.

I'm not much of a texter, but I use it for communications that benefit from a different sort of rhetoric (and when the person is not in the same room as I).
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This is fun. We're figuring out what Plato told us a long time ago - we can't define these things, but we can understand the essence therein. The same issue comes up when a group of people are asked to define "chair" or "door."

We all know the standard of "sandwich" even though we can't put it into words.
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This sounds bogus. It's often said that hair grows faster during full moons because of a gravitational effect. But that's obviously nonsense, because the moon is in the same place each night - all that changes is the amount of light, and the amount of light reflected onto the moon can't affect fermentation. These people want us to believe in medieval folklore in order to sell us beer.

Of course, the moon's gravity does affect the tides, but those are affected every day in the same way, so there's no way to set up your fermenting schedule to make better use of it.
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