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The book exists to educate those students and also the ones that come after them. By ripping the pages that teacher ensured that scenario wont occur once again. I hope she replaced the book afterwards.

I dunno how long ago this was, but she could just google some art and then print it... no need to destroy anything. I agree with Nikki.

Also, the "souls" of no children will be affected by curiosity and instinctual behavior when exposed to any type of nudity. I can't understand why some people think kids should not be exposed to nudity and sexuality. ITS NOT DIRTY DAMN IT!

If they are old enough to ask, they are old enough to know.
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I wonder how they will turn this movie into Narnia...
Yeah.. you may not have realized it until I mentioned it but now you see exactly how Clark was Aslan the lion.
I personally don't appreciate being bombarded with religious propaganda while I watch a sci-fi movie, that's clearly not why I'm at the theatre. In fact it irks me.
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I wholeheartedly agree with BeeJay.
It's true that some kids aren't interested in learning, but from what I remember of highschool and college; it was more often than not the bad method or other shortcomings of the teacher that lead to disinterest and not a pre-existing condition.
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Presidents, Senators and House Reps. need to be scientists, like Franklin, or Jefferson, or Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Unlike Clinton, Bush, Obama or Johnny Cash.

Government officials need to hold degrees in Agriculture, or Chemistry, or Physics, or Mathematics or Medicine or Economics (philosophy might be acceptable too)
Not on Law or Political-Science.
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Creator of Earth, and the goldfish, and the man, and the aliens; You have laid waste to my view of humanity and it's beauty.
Here is a mop.
Fix it.
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Some reditor claiming to be a marine biologist says that that is not a bobbit worm and that it's harmless. It does look slightly different than the wikipedia picture...

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This! This so much.

This should not even be an issue. If a child is old enough to ask a question, he/she is old enough to get an (truthful) answer. If an adult is not mature enough to deal with reality he/she should stay at home in their fantasy world and not attempt to drag us all into it.

What is wrong with the world, why are there so many imbeciles around?

Evolution and survival of the fittest should take care of the masses of incompetent idiots, but we cater to them, so they survive and they reproduce and they take space and resources. And then when we all struggle, they demand we provide for them.

I am intolerant of stupidity.
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1. Kisai Rogue Touch Natural+BlueLED
2. Schrodingers-Cat-Wanted-Dead-And-Or-Alive (Small - Chocolate)
3. Anatomical Heart Pencil Holder.

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New Diseases Coming Soon! Nail biting, farting, shower-phobia, introvertedness, extrovertedness, tallness, shortness, white skin, black skin, low IQ... and more!

Doctors will be forced to tell you you are stupid, smelly or awkward even if we don't have a cure for it and with no regard for offend you or getting paid.

I think some cases are related to disease.. but obesity is not a disease itself.
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nothing better than the truth, and science. I hope the parents answered every question she had about it completely and truthfully. :)
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who decided that money for academia needs to go to sports? I don't understand why people donate money to a school because of their sports wins/loses. why isn't it Professional Military Football, Professional Police basketball or Pro Social Security Hokey?

I think the answer is because it's not the place for that, the military is a place where people train and defend our freedom, the police are there to protect and serve the law, and well.. you get the point.. why is college not the place to train and develop people's careers? how do "professional" sports fit in there?
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I find it repulsive that a sports coach earns more (and that much more) than an academic professor. Salary should be based on merit, not on popularity or need or any other silly lopsided metric they are using now.
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