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@Playswithwolves - the audio is really awful, you can't hear half of the "lines" he says, the cuts take WAY too long to get to the point, and they didn't even put the "reasons" on the screen. They also ripped off the credit style from other videos. This video is REALLY CRAPPY...and the message sucks. Usually I'd forgive crappy home movies if they had a decent message/point, but this one is just just needs deleting.
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I hope the Chlorine didn't effect it that much. It's a huge animal, so hopefully just tasted different...but then again, I'm assuming that trunk can probably grab like 20 gallons of water...
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I felt the same way, Miss Cellania. I was about 22 when I finished college, and that was the beginning of my financial independence as well. (I got a job and an apartment right out of college.) At 28, I STILL feel like a child playing at "grown up" while enjoying homeownership for the first time.
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OK. Let's say I don't want to tolerate it. Now what? Where do we vote on the Robin Hood bill? Ridiculous. I'm sure the poor who barely manage to get 1 meal a day would disagree with the idea that we "tolerate" it. Show me the power an individual has to not "tolerate" it. Last time I checked, the people out protesting wall street getting maced in the face were trying to do what they could to "not" tolerate it. The power isn't with us.
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Statistical research shows that less than 10% of professing Christians have ever read the entire Bible. Most people that are slamming FSOG have never opened it, either. Perhaps if there were any reading going on AT ALL, there would be far less whining about it? I myself cracked open FSOG (unfortunately) and read a sample in a local bookstore. I'll say it wasn't for me. However, from the 13+ years of reading/being tested on the Bible in private consists of FAR more porn/"evil" than FSOG does.
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