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I understand it should be kind of self explanatory... but I was surprised. Shouldn't have been, but I was. hahaha
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Well, it would suck for Disney if that guy was actually an a-hole that hated strangers coming up to him all the time. In an atmosphere like Disney if you seem like you're dressed up you must work for Disney and if you get glared at by who you perceive as an employee that makes Disney look bad. Also, It's not like Santa in tourist garb isn't just as overdone as Santa in his traditional suit, at least in FL. :)
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I found the 12 "page" article irksome, too... enough to comment here on it, but I know it's not Neatorama's fault. It's just an item of note about a link. Perhaps AC didn't intend to offend.
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They use the lyrics from both songs as well as music from both. It's not one and then the other.

Love this mash-up, though. :)
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^my thought as well. It seems strange to take pity on one insect and use the lives of others to nurse it.

It's cool seeing the macro of a dragonfly being hand fed, but the excuse of helping it seems really... dumb.
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I take mine off when I use lotion just because I don't like the feel of lotion stuck under my ring. I remove it when I'm swimming or something with a similar probability of it falling off, but I put it on my necklace. I don't have a particular attachment to the ring itself, but it means a lot to my husband that I make an effort to make it special.
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That hole seems small. I have big dogs. I already find it disturbing to pick up poo, now I have to mold it so it fits into this tiny opening? :( This is not psych ward arts and crafts time... I just want to get the grimy part over with as quickly as possible.
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That coon is so tubby! I can do without the pseudo infomercial, though. The cute furball gnawing on the guy's arm was pretty funny... and maybe a tiny bit confusing, but hey, that's the south.
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As much as I would want to help I don't think I could bring myself to. I don't know enough about snakes to know how to help it safely.

lol @ #20
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What an interesting mix of personalities and perceptions. The first woman just seems so defeated, but then there is another that is telling you to be elegant and always kind. Beauty fades but not kindness.
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I love Netflix's Instant selection. It's gotten me into a lot more subtitled movies that I wouldn't have chosen if I had to piece meal titles through the mail. Also, if a movie is bad, I stop watching and move to the next with zero guilt/remorse.
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The cactus? Really? haha

My dogs used to jump on the furniture all the time until I started laying aluminum foil on the cushions. The noise or texture for whatever reason made them avoid jumping up there.
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