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@ Troy - You make an interesting point. Why is it that Christian Evangelicals cling to the Conservative Party for being anti-abortion and anti-gay, but turn a blind eye to the pro-war, pro-torture aspects of that group? Seems to me like they're picking and choosing which "Christian Values" they'd like to support.
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You ever see a word, and it just doesn't look right, but instead of thinking it might be spelled wrong, you just second-guess yourself? Well that's what happened to me with the title of this post.
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The study finds that men enjoy video games more than women, or that men enjoy video games which involve territory acquistion more than women?

As a fellow female gamer, I just want to point out to my sisters that there is no point in getting all rilled up about this study. I mean, A) It's just one little study, and B) Who gives a fuck? Now I've got to get back to the games.
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Having worked for both Staples AND Office Depot I can vouch for the fact that Office Depot's "corporate strategy" is to do everything that Staples does, except extremely inefficiently. Working at Staples, however, was the worst 4 years of my life, while working at Office Depot was a pleasure. I guess it doesn't matter what kind of crazy douchebags work for your corporate office, as long as you enjoy your coworkers and bosses.
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