Scout Earned All Merit Badges

If his dedication to the Boy Scout is any indication, Shawn Goldsmith will surely go far. He has accomplished a rare feat: he earned all 121 Boy Scout merit badges available!

You only need 21 to get the title "Eagle" Scout. "If I run into a stranger, there's definitely something to talk about. I have 121 topics to talk about," he says when asked why he did it.

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Oh and after college, I spent 10 years as an Army Ranger. I'm far from OCD, I just believed in my capability, believed in Scouting, and knew many fine officers and enlisted that were Scouts.
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I earned my Eagle in 1990. By the time I turned 18, I'd earned all the merit badges. I saw a comment earlier stating this young man had way too much time on his hands. To that, I say Rubbish! I was in the school band as first chair, I was President of my youth group at church, I played soccer and baseball and still had an extremely active social life, had great grades, and still managed to pull off Eagle and 6 silver palms. I MADE time because it was important to me. Many of them I earned attending, or working at, Scout Summer Camp. Now I'm 36 with two teen boys and a Unit Commissioner with 4 units. Congratulations to this young man. I can only pray he stays involved in Scouts. It's a lifestyle and a choice. He determined it was important to him, and I'm sure he made sacrifices to get there.
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WOW!!!! One day I plan on getting every merit badge (only have to get 2-3 a month until i turn 18!). P.S. Why is everyone such a jerk because this kid has some initiative and actually cares about what happens to his life.
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I would first like to start congratulating Mr Goldsmith, as I am an avid scouter, and proud of it. It is nice to see someone wanting to better themselves and the world around them in many ways. I have just attained my rank of Eagle scout, and I had thoughts of going and seeing how many badges I could get before I hit the limit.

I would like to say to Rob, with the upmost respect, you are wrong. At the age of 13, I proved myself as a young man, able to attain the rank of Eagle scout, and this was because I came from an extremely active troop, that camped at least once, if not twice a month. When I moved to a different troop and council, I was told I had to wait until I was the age of 15, and I had to move troops, because the project I had laid out was for my aunt, who was diagnosed with Multiple Mialoma (cancer of the bone marrow) a few months earlier, we did not know how much time she had, and out of honor for her, I wanted to do the project, with meanings of higher powers. If a boy is able to earn the rank of eagle at the age of 13, then so be it, I believe it is would be nice in my troop to have a boy that young to attain the rank, and then go and earn every merit badge. Yes there are a lot of badges that are easy, but I do know of at least 60 that would only take one afternoon for each. I know for a fact that Mr. Goldsmith did not cheat himself through getting all of these badges, because if it was that way, I will put everything down, saying that he could have been doing other things.
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