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An egg doesn't right itself - it doesn't always end up resting on the same point no matter what orientation it starts in. You can see this yourself. Put an egg on the counter. Wait until it stops moving. Pick it up and mark the point it was resting on. Put it back down on another point. It won't end up resting on the same point, unless it has an air bubble that isn't along the axis of symmetry, in which case the object's density makes it self righting - which is what the challenge stated: "three-dimensional thingy that purely by dint of its /geometry/ had only one possible way to balance upright."
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TOO FUNNY! I hope this is a joke. I grew up with dobies, love them to death, and I was crying laughing at this photo. I agree with the other folks. I have met some of the SWEETEST "vicious" rotts, pits and dobies and some of the nastiest little footballs with fur. Dobies are extremely loyal and protective of their families. Our dobie was protecting my brother when he was just days old and my grandmother was babysitting. I wouldn't choose any other pure-bred to own. You just have to train them correctly and give them love, not abuse.
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