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If JMM and Jackie are bothered by this non-issue, then Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson will probably boil their brains. Even on Google Maps, the site is astounding.
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we have no idea what's in the box, or whether someone was in the garage and said 'go ahead and toss it'; for all we know, it's a box of shipping peanuts and labels.

i think taking this at face value is indicative of how the internet has turned us into a bunch of 'if it's on the internet, it must be true'
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'When Britney Spears gets pushed into the Pit of Death, you hear her talk and scream but her lips are not moving.'

Isn't that called irony? It's been her stage show for YEARS...
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same as last year - 'going forward' or 'on a go forward basis'

One of our favourite morning shows (Q107 in Toronto) is sponsored by a hot tub company that used 'staycation' in its ad campaign ALL SUMMER AND FALL.
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His story is impressive, but I have to take issue with '...putting out his own successful rap records'.

I don't think 'I'll Be Missing You' (the title of which hints at the original lyrics) would have been a success without Sting's 'input' and don't get me started on 'Kashmir'
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Why isn't there a 'Survivors' list of companies that have existed through every single 'crisis' of the past 25, 50 or even 100 years, including this one? We never get stories about companies that change course and procede.
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had this been done in Flash or any other computer generated method, it wouldn't have been as effective; hand-drawn says 'love' and your heart knows it.
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