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I got hooked on Kenny Rogers chicken (and GREAT sides) the second one opened in AL. Unfortunately I moved 2 weeks later and I have been missin' that amazing food ever since. I am not kidding you: it was an awesome citrus spit roasted bird and fresh sides and quite a bargain.
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I believe this is the same Dr. Bier who invented the amazing non-invasive Bier Block tourniquet-style local anaesthesia for limb and extremity repair. I've had it twice for hand surgery and what a refreshing and safe(!) change from traditional medicated anaesthesia (no barfing or double vision or hives for example).
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I just saw these for sale not 2 hours ago at The Paper Merchant in Geneva Illinois. Given the amt of squirrel love we have here in the western burbs of Chicago these wouldn't last long once we thaw out!
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Okay, folks... a lesson in appropriate adoption language here:

Chris Walker has two "real" fathers, the man who adopted and raised him, and the man whose DNA he shares. That being said, the use of the term "real" is absolutely inapproraite and insensitive. Chris has a father (the man who adopted him and raised him) and a birth father (the man who is biologically linked to him). Chris didn't need a DNA test to find his father. He only needed to go home to visit his parents. His father and mother were there. A DNA test proves biology, not love nor sacrifice.

To take this a little further for all concerned (which is to say, the human race) babies are not "given up" nor "given away" nor "put up" for adoption. In modern terms, they are "placed" for adoption or "their birthparents made an adoption plan", whichever is appropriate. And adopted children are the adoptive parents' "own" kids. Both my biological son and my adopted daughter are "my own" kids as my adopted sister is my "own" sister. Where love is concerned there is no distinction among mature people how these kids came into their families.

Too many popular publications and people discussing families or relationships are undereducated in modern adoption circumstances, legalities, and trends which means their approach in print or speech is frequently ignorant of the sensitivities required for the welfare of the precious children involved.
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it's a little sad that their hospital lists are in a members only section as opposed to a Community Outreach page or something more inviting and inclusive.
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