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That's just brilliant and made me laugh... thank's for making my day. I do agree though, instead of filing a complaint about this I would have tried the blocking option first. Either the other person is somewhat slow or just WANTS it that way.
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It's interesting to see how many posts get around 10 comments and this one is hitting 50 already... so the war is still very much on. A similar thing can sometimes be observed with music - or stuff that many people will be passionate about.
So far, I have been using OSX (which, after all, now works on some PCs), Windows and Linux, with preference always going towards Windows and Linux as dualboot.

OSX is pretty initially, but depending on how you want to use your system it soon becomes quite annoying - oh and i have seen OSX crashing regularly. Also, in huge network environments they don't tend to work very well if you are unwilling to spend a lot of cash on Apple Servers.

Windows got a lot better. Microsoft got a lot better. Look at the free support knowledge DB coming straight from the company rather than only fellow users - and their tipps do include more technical stuff like changes to the registry etc. Look at the support they're giving out for junior developers (or wannabe-developers). And ever since I've started working in videogames, I have learned to appreciate Microsoft more and more.
My main OS on my laptop is Vista - after I got rid of the admittedly utterly slow 32 bit version it's now on 64bit and runs like a charm. No crashes so far (knocking on wood) and it's at over one year by now. This is where most everyday stuff gets done easily with a lot of clicking and surprisingly little need for maintenance.

Backup system is Debian Linux, which is good for keeping your brain active as there's always something to fix when you run experimental (which ... you know the risk of when installing). It's also good for system, network analysis and other stuff.

What is most annoying about apple is their habit of overpricing things just because they have rounded corners and are white or silver. Or black, sometimes. I mean ... really?

However, I will get an iPhone. Currently the iphone store seems a bit better than android ...
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What is so special about this? There is a whole breed of dwarf ponies, they are called Falabella. This is like parading a Chihuahua around.
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I have to second the other comments, he was not the first one. I have joined my university in 2003 and there was LOADS of chalk shadow art - just not with chalk, with white paint - near my uni. Still is.
Regarding the illegal bits:
chalk i think is not illegal, thanks to being able to be washed off. paint is different though...i think.
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Now he doesn't need to pretend niceness anymore:

I could say "Told you so"... but we shall wait and see
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a buddy of mine had one of the toto washlet thingies (different make but well).... weeeeeird feeling i tell you :D i like the egg think. and i know of another shower concept where you stand in some sort of a cabin which is one big fat showerhead - water everywhere!
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first i thought: eww. then i looked in our cupboards and saw loads of very sweet bread-toppings, so i guess.... not that abnormal, just that their candy has a different shape and state of aggregation :D ah well.
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hehe, my school messed up with my final certificate too, with some numbers regarding the scores i got. I am a bit surprised the certificates didnt get reprinted, mine was taken away, destroyed and i got a shiny new, correct one within days?
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So basically you take the club out of your bag (or whatever, pee, and then take another one? oh my. not sure if i should like that.... can't they just put up little toilet houses in convenient places?
Not sure whether to think it is a good or a gross/disgusting novelty.
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i think i may be a tad late (i am a bit bad with keeping track of the time zones), however, if i am not, i'd lurve a shinshoku ^^
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