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Wumpa - they are using averages, so just plain numbers won't fit in.

10 people occupy job 1, 1 person dies = 10% mortality rate for that job.

1000 people occupy job 2, 50 people die = 5% mortality rate.

more people died in job 2 than job 1, but job 1 is more deadly because the possibility of dieing in that job per job opening is greater.

If job 1 were to expand and require more workers, the # of fatalities would be expected to rise with it.

*this concludes your textbook narrative for the day*
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Awesome :) Loved the Ducks and the Action Movie boards. Human eyes are a bit creepy though.... Would like to see it on more than one body type though. Seems the might be only workable in the big bottomed girls (I am one, I can say that)
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Brilliant footage. They are here this weekend and I can't get down to the airbase to see them, thanks for making it a little easier to get my dare-devil fix. And being able to showing my son whats really going on. We saw them a few years ago, but i don't think he really understood it all then.
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Can anyone tell me what episode is happening at 1:11? i swear that looks like a young Picard that is being fought, and I'd like to figure it out :)

great mash-up though :)
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I take a great deal of pride knowing what the posted man is watching, and not actually seeing the video its based on. I know what can be seen can not be unseen, and from the fact that no one will actually tell me what its about reminds me that I never do :)

But i do love the demodivational posters. They are usually desktop pictures.
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"Please" implies that the officer is asking something that can be refused. You can't refuse that request. I'm surprised that no one else brought that up... And how is the officer going to safely get the man out of the car if he is refusing to turn it off? If the concern is a rolling car, and the man gets out while its on, there's no one in the car to make sure it doesn't roll. The officer used the least lethal option to get the person to comply, as he was not asking the man to do something, he was TELLING him to do something.
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They are trying this at a local bus terminal in my area. Mostly cause school kids sit around there either skipping or during the times before and after school they just cause trouble. Cops patrol the whole place at all times, and there's still a fight every other day. They got an XM 50's station going. So I haven't hung around long enough to figure out if its working, lol.
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ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Into consideration?? I... I....

no, words fail me. This is beyond.... stupid.

Just cause she MIGHT be able to drive safely like this, some people have amazing multitasking abilities, what about the other millions of people out there that can't drive?? I'm appalled. Only fines? wow....
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put simply, if you worry about the things that might be harmful, you'll never see the things that actually are harmful until its too late.

a bit gory, but dogs can be like that :) ever seen a couch after you've left them alone for 2 hours? lol.
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always been a fan of M. Nights work, 6th was my introduction, and it was beautiful story telling. not all of his work has been breathtaking, but you can't expect everything he touch to turn to gold.

brayden - that's going to be a trilogy? good to hear, i thought they were going to try to pack it all in one film, which would be an impossibility! I know the first one comes out in 2010, got any other info on them you'd like to share?
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you need an account so they can email you results, they take a while to filter threw, cause of the stages, and you don't get to choose where in the game you start off at. still waiting for a few of mine to finish, and see how my superb drawing skills get interpreted, lol.
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