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I worked a ta community theare that was a repurposed trainstation, the dressing rooms were repurposed passenger cars and the prop and costume closets were repurposed boxcars.

Sadly there are no pics on their site
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Valerie: I believe the stated intention is to get people to vote without regard to race.

Sad to say republican policies won't help many black people whereas democrat policies will help many white people. (not all in either case of course, but proportionally I don't think you'd find as many african americans that would be helped by McCain's policies as you would anglos that would be helped by Obama's.)
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"I like how some people are like “Democrats will do a lot better than the Republicans!” and yet they don’t realize that congress was democratic, and how much they sucked and failed."

Yeah in the senate those 49 democrats sure outnumbered the 49 republicans... oh.. nevermind.
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Maximum tax rate under McCain's plan 35% Under Obama's plan 39.6%. Therefore the difference between capitalism and socialism is apparently 4.6%

I'm all for letting people pull themselves by their own bootstraps, but I think we have a responsibility to make sure that people can get some bootstraps.
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Seems that printer was in light mode.

My mom used to bring home her 80lb portable computer and set the phone receiver on the computer hook to download the latest code every night and print it out on our dot matrix. I'm still astounded that our family slept so well during those years.
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I could see it without my glasses once I got within a foot of the monitor (farther away than I usually have to be to read letters of that size.)

But I found it easiest to slide the glasses to the tip of my nose and look through them.
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@ Parker: In the trailer it says he underwent a controversial procedure... I'd guess the type of actor that would do that would be method, living as the character until the movie is finished shooting.
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