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When you said "Rob" did this, I guessed the guy at cockeyed.com, and I was right. Do I spend too much time on the WWW or what?
But the linked page now says the prank "has been removed". Wonder why. Perhaps removing the evidence if Costco is after his butt? Hmmm....
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I dunno, I'm waiting for some lunatic lawsuit to arise out of this, alleging mental distress, slavery, religious discrimination or some such. Surely out of 7500 people, one such hyperreligious nutjob exists?
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Funny, I've been a Windows user since 1.0 and had never seen these. The second was a better tune, I think, but the first one seemed "purer", and it just cracked me up! Thanks.
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Glad to see TNR getting more publicity in the news and now in Neatorama. I've done it in a small way on my own property, having a stable group of 3 siblings that are fixed and happy. I've also rehomed several that were socialized enough to be adoptable.
It's not about "OMG don't kill the kitties!" It's about the idea that a stable, sterile group is a better long-term solution than scattershot killing/removal that creates room for cleverer, un-caught cats to hide and breed like crazy. I hope more people learn about this.
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To be a math geek, that's not exactly the definition of the Fibonacci sequence. It's strictly true, but not as broad as the real definition. The sequence begins with 1, 1, and every number after that is the sum of the two previous entries.
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Just chiming in to counter the pantywaist "Oooh, guns are scary" comments by the first 2 posters. That site seems like a neat trivia resource. Thanks for the tip.
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I just discovered the original rant last month (never saw the movie). This is a high-larious parody. It should win some kind of an award itself. Thanks.
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Yeah, I find this a mixed bag of "awesome" and "awesomely fun" and "awesomely terrible" songs. I've always loved the 4 Non Blondes song, but never knew it was titled "What's Up". In fact, I don't think I'd ever even seen the band, but Linda Perry kinda looks like what I might have imagined. "How Bizarre" is more of an awesomely fun song, I think.
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Uncle Max was only around for a week? I remember him clearly (the character, if not those particular strips), and I didn't think I was that much of a Calvin and Hobbes fanatic.
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To be fair, the news story at least doesn't indicate that ANY hackers were fooled. But it does make for a nice ironic headline, even here ("Hackers Hacked"). The ATM just happened to have been sitting there in the hotel for who knows how long, and it was discovered during (even early on in?) the hacker convention. Eventually, investigation might find some hackers who were faked out, but the data sure isn't there at the moment, AFAIK.
Just sticking up for the geeks!
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What a strange experience. I love cats, so I'm actually a bit teary now, at the loss of the kitty. Yet my brain could also process the Leone references, and the familiar Morricone music. Then again, there's the arch silliness of it all (love the intendedly-fake kitty wielding "nunchucks"!). All in all, a great little movie and a well-spent five minutes.
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