The Strange, Hidden World of Feral Cats

Denver, Colorado is home to tens of thousands of stray cats. They form colonies and breed uncontrollably. Destroying or relocating the cats only opens up space for more cats to move in. Local animal welfare groups are trying a different approach, but the job is overwhelming. Kristin Des Marais and Amy Angelilli of the Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance are among those battling the feral cat population problem.
Thirty thousand cats are euthanized every year in Colorado, double the rate of dogs. Many are homeless cats considered unsuitable for adoption. Working with RMACA, Des Marais and other volunteers are trying to reduce the kill rate by trapping ferals, spaying or neutering them, then returning them — in effect, transforming the entire colony from feral to sterile so that it will eventually die out on its own. But trap-neuter-return, or TNR, is a controversial solution, often unpopular with communities afflicted by the colonies.

"More often than not, people will call and say, 'Come pick up these cats,'" Angelilli explains. "They think we have a special vehicle we drive around and pick up stray cats and bring them to this utopia in the country. If people knew about TNR and why it works — but it needs to start before the population gets out of control. By the time people call us about the problem, they're usually so fed up that they just want the cats gone."

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"The only animals that need to be neutered are the females."

Actually, neutering only the males would be equally effective, not to mention cheaper and faster because it requires less invasive surgery.
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There is an overabundance of short term thinking, also here in Canada. It's nothing to worry about, luckily those that think the least, do just as much to actually help fix the problem in the first place.

@Johnny Cat

I had to watch that movie with the sound off; the computer voice was freaking me out.
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Man, I'm sorry to be rude but I'm astonished by the stupidity in some of the comments here. Really, wow. In other countries this sorta action with the neutering works very well and there is no problem with feral cats. Just look at Germany.
Really guys, I really don't want to think that the majority of the USA is retarded, but you people make it really really really hard.
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"The Strange, Hidden World of Feral Cats"

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