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No story about Joe Meek is complete without mentioning his death or his paranoia. In 1967 he first shot his landlady with a shotgun and then killed himself on the eight-year anniversary of Buddy Holly's death.
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I suspect Wiitis will be a disease with a rather short lifeterm. My own Wii has been gathering dust for a few months now after burning out on Wii Sports and finding out there's nothing interesting to buy for it except shovelware for kids. It's great fun when you have visitors but the thing is a huge bore for everything else. Everything about the Wii now screams FAD to me.
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My favorite goal ever was made by Dennis Bergkamp in a World Cup match between Holland and Argentina. The beauty of the goal was the passing: the pass came from the opposite side of the field, in a single fluent movement Bergkamp picked it up and scored the winning goal with only minute of play time. The pass was incredibly long yet precise and the finish was even more impressive.

No wonder the Dutch commentator goes completely (and I mean _COMPLETELY_) out of his mind. Great goal and very funny to hear too.

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This is not as crazy as it sounds. There was a recent BBC documentary about Chernobyl. They found that the contamination risk in areas further from the "epicenter" was not as high as previously believed. The nature around Chernobyl was pretty much normal. The radiation levels were still too high but it wasn't as harmful as expected. No mutations, no altered genes. They offered even the hypothesis that small doses of radiation could even be advantageous to your health since the percentage of cancer deaths was lower in areas with high natural radiance levels. This was true for the US as well.
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All of those backwards racing competitions were held with DAF sports cars because of their variomatic transmission which enabled those cars to be able to drive as fast backwards as they did forwards. Since most of those DAF cars were extremely cheap in the 70ies, it was very popular to enter such a competition and wreck a DAF in front of an audience.
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I guess photographer Roger Ballen's goal was to make the most unflattering portraits possible of South Africa's white trash population. Judging by this photograph he certainly succeeded...
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A bigger problem with the picture of our solar system is that shows only Saturn as having rings. In fact, all of the giant planets in our solar system have rings: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.
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They _are_ out of place. The Wilhelm scream has become sort of an injoke for moviemakers who now put the scream in their movies on purpose. Just check the wikipedia entry on this phenomenon.
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