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@ xavier: the road movie about aliens is not 'the world's end' but rather a flick called 'paul' (yay, a film named after me!) that is not part of the cornetto trilogy because edgar wright is not involved. it's also due out in 2010.

@ moodindigo: shaun and ed both tell other characters that they're dead and they later turn up as zombies.

i love this film. i was shaun for a costume party. bloody cricket bat and all.
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@shawnisboring. the fry in futurama is philip fry. stephen fry is awesome for entirely different reasons.

i liked this article. princess bride was on teevee the other day. as for other films... well there is a lot of cool trivia attached to the big lebowski. i'd be impressed if you could tell me anything i didn't already know!
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it weirds me out when stuff i read about on neatorama references places near where i live. st vincent's college is really near here and i work in a rival college. nuts.
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i'm really looking forward to seeing what i get. hopefully being in the uk doesn't mean less chance of getting one of the bigger gifts! :p
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I started a blog not that long ago (I will hit 50 posts later today), essentially to share stuff that I have found with my friends. It's not much but hey, a plug is a plug! :)
It's called plinx because my name is Paul and they're my links. It was a working title that has stuck.
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i think i'm logged in here but i can't tell. it doesn't say i am but if i click login it takes me straight in as if i had done so already.

either way, i'd like an oberon ss please!

thanks neatorama-lama-ding-dong
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