Onion-powered iPod

21-year-old Owen Lewis found a way to charge his iPod -with an onion and an energy drink!
Owen, from Portsmouth, said the idea was a foolproof way of staying green as the onion decomposes and the drink bottle can be recycled once finished with.

Phil Stubbles, a physics lecturer from St Vincent College in Gosport, Hampshire, said almost all vegetables could power iPods because they contain ions which react with energy drinks to create a charge.

'The only problem is you have no control over how long it may work for ... and it can be smelly,' he added.

Has anyone here every tried this type of battery? Link -Thanks, Allison!

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This actually does work. When I was in elementary school in Virginia, we had a special summer program for Gifted students. My classes in the summer after 4th grade (1985) were physics, algebra, woodshop, crafting, sign language and computer programming. In physics, we made our own electrical circuits and wires and built a clock that ran on a regular white potato for a battery.
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The story reminds me of the potato clock I had as a kid. Wonder what happened to that thing??? Must be 20 years gone by now, but tne coolest thing ever!
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