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It's a recipe for beach baked dog. Sorry buddy, it's not looking so good for you.

Great-Vocab-Didnt-Save-The-Thesaurus-From-Extinction Large Ash Grey
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They will probably have the limburger well wrapped at the store. They do here in Minnesota anyways.

I bought it once and tried it. Worst cheese ever. It tastes like stinky feet smell.
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Security minded IT guy here...

1) If you're using a non-encrypted wifi connection, anyone with minor computer skills and the right program can sniff that traffic anyways.

1a) If you log into websites which aren't https while connected to an unencrypted wifi connection or a fake wifi connection they can be read easily. Always and only log into websites which have https in the URL!

2) If you connect to non-encrypted wifi, (or encrypted, for that matter!) other users of the same wifi signal can typically access shared files and folders on your computer since you're on the same network. It works for the same reasons that home networking works -- that's how it was designed.

3) If you connect to a fake wifi connection like the one mentioned, you will probably won't be able to access the internet. If you can, then they are routing traffic or running a proxy. If they are routing traffic, https traffic should still be secure (see 1a). If they are running a proxy, https pages will likely display security errors in which case you should not proceed.

Wifi is fun and dangerous, public wifi doubly so. If you want to be secure you will need to look into a VPN or SSH tunnel solution.
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We got these for some friends who like cute kitchen stuff.

I can vouch that they are cute and fun!

1) They recommend hand washing only.
2) They're not as sturdy as I would've guessed. Decent, but probably not solid enough to let the 2 year old pound on.
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You're a day late on this news, it's already been rejected!


A judge in Brooklyn ruled to exclude fMRI evidence in an employer-retaliation case, delivering another blow to proponents of lie detection by brain scan.

The plaintiff’s attorney, David Zevin, confirmed that his side lost the battle. “The issue is dead in this case, at least until a possible appeal,”
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Agreed. It wasn't the storyline that made it compelling, it was the characters and their combined goofyness.

A movie without the original cast and without the extreme cartoon violence just isn't going to be the A-Team.
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I'm guessing part of a grain feed mechanism, or something along those lines.

The spirals converge towards the center like those on vacuum rollers today.

In a vacuum it would lead towards a sucky place, being wooden and from 1914 I am guessing it lead the stuff to either a drop or a conveyor belt.

Whatever it moved either had to be lots of something loose (like grain) or a few of something big (eggs?).
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What you probably want is a bobcat with rubber tracks (so you don't ruin the grass, assuming you get down that far. Then just quickly physically remove it.

Alternatively, you could plan for the Olympics to be in your yard. The snow will disappear immediately.
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