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Also, let's not have it overlooked that Jasmine is by far the hottest of all Disney Princesses. Nah, the hottest of all Disney characters, ever. Jasmine is wicked hot.
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Please note the title here: Sociological Deconstruction of the Disney Princesses. Princesses, not Disney Leading Ladies. Mulan was just a girl who joined the military illegally, sure, breaking the law makes her a great role model for little girls, but it doesn't make her a princess. The argument could be made that Pocahontas, being the daughter of the chief, is like a princess, but it's shaky at best.
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The store was 100% in the right. They can get in a lot of trouble if they sell to someone underage, and while this guy may not look underage, I haven't looked underage since I was 14. In many states in the US both the clerk and the store can be fined separately, and inconveniencing an old guy is a small price to pay compared to a $500 fine for the first offense, or $1000 fine for the 2nd offense (at least that's what it was when I was a clerk, but that's been several years ago now) and keep in mind that fine gets paid twice; once by the store and once by the clerk.
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