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You will never meet these guys since they must remain anonymous , and even if you knew them, they wouldn't drink with you. This is not something to be flaunted, but a hard and difficult job they had to do. Don't insult them with childish posts.
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25 million years? To use "Eden" as a point from which to date, should involve some understanding of the Bible. That is lacking here, even if the article is very interesting. Eden isn't that old!
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I will skip this one and look for something more meaningful. The world is full of filth and "strong language", and I am exposed to way too much of that.
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The cat is probably being affectionate, but it still has wild animal instincts. Even house cats, when "playing" can become intensely aggressive, and humans may not even understand their intent. We have no concept of the thinking process of animals - even those we imagine are friendly towards us. Captivity may not be a bad thing, and it is the only way this animal would survive, but it is dangerous and not beneficial to the animal to domesticate it in this fashion. The best interest of any wild animal is good care, with a "hands-off" attitude.
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It is beautiful, but I agree with artschild in that it is not natural at all. Also, waters such as these are very often poison. They can be filled with all kinds of metals and chemicals from the mining processes. Some must be monitored into infinity. I am sure some countries don't even monitor them.
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