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To give you an idea of scale, the biggest redbacks are about the size of a pea. So the snake is probably a hatchling.
Redbacks make their web in dark corners and are normally not aggressive unless provoked. So I guess the office workers were keeping it as a kind of pet.
The pain from the bite is extremely painful and causes massive swelling for days, but not lethal to adults unless the swelling causes an unfortunate blockage (such as the throat). Always check under the seat when using an outside toilet in Australia.
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For a secular view on the matter of evil and an eye witness report on the experience of an exorcism from a non-religious, qualified psychiatrist, read M. Scott Peck's 'Children of the Lie'. Probably out of print now.
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What were his parents thinking? Leaving a 16yo at home while they go swanning off on holidays. Twits like that should be made to pay full restitution on their children's behalf.
I think the young fellow has a bright future, I hope he can avoid the idiots who've been threatening him.
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@ Bobby Fisher, the pyramid you mention was an accepted measure used (among other techniques) by most European armies to discipline their soldiers. Although I guess they rarely did that to more than one or two victims at a time, whereas Vlad made a real spectacle of it.
Refer the recently published "Redcoat" (I forget the names of the author and publisher).
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