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As a retired traveling salesman, I flew a lot in my lifetime and found that MOST of the time a flight is bad for some people because of other passengers but not necessarily the airline. I've seen passengers board A plane in ripped up sweat pants and sweat shirts and then complain because they aren't treated like the Queen of England. When I first started flying People would never dress so casual and were treated respectfully. I know everyone is thinking we all deserve the same respect no matter what our attire, but I'm sure we've all unconsciously given more attention and consideration to a person dressed in a suit as opposed to a wrinkled/ripped sweat suit. I'm not saying it's right but a fact of life. If most passengers were more tolerant and thought more about the other passengers and the crew the flights would be less of a burden.
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When loggers were threaytened with loss of forests they took responsibility for their actions and started regulating themselves. It was not a perfect system but there are still forests to log and money to be made! If the fishing industry wants to continue to exist they better figure out a plan to sustain the fisheries. I don't think government involvment would help as much because I distrust government involvement to "fix" an impending disaster. They seem to have trouble fixing disasters after they happen.
Many "farmers" that are paid to not grow specific crops are taking advantage of the system and getting rich doing nothing.
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It's amazing that this is such a hot topic! As a society we've placed the three offenders on a pedestal. They now appear undeserving of such worship. I don't see their actions as harbingers of a crumbling society. After all "if you can't be a good example be the best worst example." Or some thing like that. People have a right to free speech and I understand there is a time and place to exercise that right, but get over it all ready. We all enjoy being offended and make too much of this kind of thing. If we ignore it will it go away? If we penalize will it go away?
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