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@Miss Cellania
it's more than my job's worth to let you know that!


basically it's a term for bureaucrats
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i posted this a while ago

also for the love of god avoid the daily mail. even for stories like this it isn't worth the paper it's printed on or the bytes on the server.
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this is a photo i took of what i think is the same cemetery in Prague.

i remember this one being very tightly packed in, but also half destroyed with the building of the Žižkov Television Tower
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this clearly wasn't directly written for neatorama, half the photos mentioned below and above things don't seem to be there. and i agree that the writer comes over quite aggressively, in assuming the reader is completely culturally ignorant.
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ah that's the thing, never having been to one, and considering the advert has a lot of burgers in, i just assumed they were a burger chain.
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that's an advert? they don't once try to imply that their burger's aren't that greasy doesn't make much sense from a marketing perspective, just makes me think that if i ever went to arbys that i would end up eating grease
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i had mine shipped to my parents house as i don't trust my reception to actually tell me when i have parcels, so hopefully it'll be there when i get back next weekend, and hopefully it's something good
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