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Southampton is on Long Island silly! I know because I live here. Although if he really wants to stimulate the economy he should spend his money elsewhere as Southampton has enough money circulating in it! Oh, and those ARE accurate prices for Nello menu items.
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An English Mastiff attacked me and bit the my face last August. I still shudder when I see them. I know that they aren't all aggressive, but it's hard to shake the trauma.
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Spaghetti Bolognese, garlicky garlic bread, four baby artichokes, a big salad, and a banana split with vanilla ice cream, walnuts, and caramel.
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Hey, why don't we send our little children to India also? I bet their day care is cheaper than ours!

Seriously though, our parents care for us and love us from the day we are born, it is our responsibility to return the favor. The elderly are to be loved and respected.

Somehow, when the exterior changes, some people forget that the person remains unchanged. My parents haven't changed a bit, I know for sure that they would still give me an ass whooping I did anything like that to them.
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