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Hmm, the picture of their 7th bridge (Richmond Bridge) is actually of a bridge in Heidelberg, Germany.

My personal favorite is the Kraemerbruecke in Erfurt, which has some beautiful, half-timbered houses built on top of it:
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This isn't necessarily a jab at Disney, since the story existed well before the movie, but Beauty and the Beast always bothered me. Not because of how Belle is presented, but because the story involves her essentially being enslaved by someone who is angry, and abusive. But then, of course, just by getting to know him better and being nice to him, she changes him and falls in love. That's a pretty twisted message to girls in a world where many of them will be involved in abusive relationships. I don't fault Disney for the plot, but I'm not sure they showed the best judgment in choosing that particular story to remake. I felt uncomfortable with this movie when I first saw it and I was only 10.
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In response to bbum, I don't think there's any reason to believe that the cows wouldn't know when to stop eating without pain. The physiological mechanisms involved in pain perception are not those primarily responsible for satiety. It is not pain that tells you when to stop eating during a meal. In fact, there are animals which naturally do not have a sense of pain (naked mole rats, which lack Substance P) and they live perfectly well. In fact, they live longer than most rodents (granted, they've had more time to develop adaptations for living this way).

That's not to say there wouldn't be other issues with cows without pain perception. Presumably the same problem humans with this mutation have (e.g. ignoring injuries and lacking fear of things that cause pain) would also be a problem here and could result in more injuries, infections and preventable deaths.
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