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I was given a weekly dollar amount corresponding with my age. $5 when I was 5 for example, $12 at 12. If I didn't do my chores or was bad, my allowance could be withheld for that week or for multiple weeks as punishment.

I had a savings account and was encouraged, but not required, to save. My parents never monitored my money or looked at my account unless I asked them to, if I needed them to make a deposit for example.
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I ran my own simulation through Pandemic 2. It looks like the swine flu can pretty easily upgrade to encephalitis and we'll all be doomed to die. Unless Madagascar closes its port, the whole world will be infected.
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Living by the Golden Rule while learning to care what YOU think about yourself rather than what other people do is the real key to this kind of thing.

If you like yourself, other people other people are more inclined to follow along. Be your own biggest fan.
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So, I got pretty far. I'm up to machine, and then I go to ether and it just says that I'm ahead of my time. But that's only 6 levels. Apparently Ether is some game they're developing.I must be missing something...
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Today is my birthday as well! How interesting that I share a birthday with Walt Disney. I never knew that until I read this article.

Thank you for sharing, what a cool thing to find out. Happy birthday Walt.
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