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A suit but some sort of novelty one. I have seen photos of people who seem to have a fetish about wooliness and have suits made that make them look like muppets with eye holes (rather than big ping-pong ball eyes like real muppets). While I don't think this is a woolie fetishist, I think the poacher or whoever wears a suit like this so that if anyone sees him he can give an ungodly scream and send them running to the next state. It would also probably be warm and looks bulky enough to conceal a hand gun or something and some equipment like a flash light. If he started doing this a few years ago he would cause a few sitings an even trip a camera now and then.
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"I feel the article fails to address a very important aspect of the Mini T. Rex; are they or are they not absolutely adorable?"

I also vote for adorable. I also think that small bipedal robots with mouth weapons and tiny little arm guns would be both adorable and kick-ass.
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It's a useful graphic though since solar thermal concentrators seem to be a more efficient use of land it is more likely that solar panels will be used on roofs and as shade for parking lots. Wind turbines can have food crops and biomass grown between them and waste biomass from farms, forestry products and human and animal waste can be fermented and processed to supply the feed stocks to replace petrochemicals.

While your building networks of solar concentrators in desert wasteland you can grow algae and salt-tolerant crops along the 25,000 km of desert land on the planet which is adjacent to the coast. Use deep cold ocean water to condense fresh water for food crops and use the nutrient richness of this deep ocean water later to grow mangrove trees for animal feed. There are lots of solutions if we don't reject every one just because it is not able to do everything and replace every drop of oil. Let's dismiss 5 energy sources because they can only supply 20% of our needs each. Or dismiss 10 sources that can only supply 10% each.

Then again, we could just use all the oil that exists outside of the petro-states in the free world that we are not allowed to use less some sea urchin be inconvenienced or the next ice age be postponed by a few years due to 'climate change'. If my so-called summers get any colder and rainier I'm going to kick Al Gore's ass.
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The Sahara was wet and filled with lakes during much of humanity's prehistory as depicted in cave paintings in the area. It is thought that the drying out of this area was what caused people to move to the Nile valley, bringing diverse tools and skills to jump start civilization there leading to the Pharaohs in the north and the Nubian civilization in the south.

The theory of the Saharan heat pump proposes that the point of maximum sunlight, which ironically creates so much heat that it causes air to rise quickly and pulls in moisture over the mountains from the oceans, used to be over the Sahara, making it a land of Savana grasses, forests and lakes. As the tilt of the earth changed the hot zone moved south (no comments), turning the Congo from forest or whatever it was (not desert) into a wet jungle and leaving the Sahara dry.

Many proponents of this theory suspect that this will reverse itself but take a long time by human standards. I see nothing wrong with hastening this but there are some already proven desert reclamation techniques that I think are superior to building a bacteria/sand wall. Nations on the southern edge of the Sahara are already at it and it is a self-reinforcing process just as desert expansion is. More moisture causes more vegetation which captures more moisture as dew, promotes rain and moderates the temperature. Less moisture leaves less vegetation and less moderation. Push the system far enough in a new direction and it will switch equilibrium states.
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The guy probably took up golf so that he would reduce stress, hoping to become less of a prick. I think he should try yoga because golf isn't doing for him. She was pretty tight-assed too. Can't just throw out another ball and consider it interference; no! She has to get that specific ball back. Often animals steal balls thinking they are eggs - I hope none of them have ever crossed these two diamond poopers.

Pranksters can be annoying and stuff; like "happy slapping", which ought to be considered as a justifiable cause towards a revenge homicide but taking a golf ball hardly merits an aggravated assault. I wish they had put him in a blue collar prison for a few months.
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Vaalseun said:

"I have had it with these motherf***ing bats on this motherf***ing shuttle!"

I liked that.

As for the bat, I would have chosen that as the way to go too but still - poor little guy. I hope Bat Heaven has some juicy bugs waiting for him (sinner bugs from Bug Hell obviously - where all the bugs that fly into peoples teeth on roller-coasters go).
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Johnny Cat said: "One thing that they left out, because it’s a touchy issue, is the government requirements of a certain percentage of minority families getting loans, which added fuel to the sub-primes"

Exactly. It is also touchy because it ties back to the Democrats and so is hard for the media to blame on ChimpyBushHitler.

On thing I don't understand is why investors are not saying: "Hey! These are houses with property underneath them. If I buy them off of the panicky Peters they will eventually be worth something."

I mean, I know young people who are coming out of college and buying houses. It's not like life stops because some people's houses declined in value. Yes, there would be some property tax to pay but if you demolish the house you would only be paying tax on the land and as the market rebounded you would be able to rebuild a more modern, energy efficient homes.

What am I missing?
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An interesting concept but I will be very skeptical until it is proven. Being able to predict human response to shock sounds very difficult and you don't want to flip someone onto the ground while they are being shot at.
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There are multiple languages on packaging because products are sold in multiple nations not because of immigration, Josh. And while some Spanish service is provided in America for new immigrants, linguistic assimilation is just as fast as it ever was; some studies say faster. Most second generation immigrants are fluent in English (usually bilingual) and 95% of third generation Hispanic immigrants don't speak or understand Spanish at a functional level. So stop your bellyaching. If anything, it is Mexico and other Spanish speaking nations who are being inundated with English on satellite TV, business dealings and tourism. English is becoming the language which every language group uses to communicate with every other group and Americans complain about having to press 1 to have English service? Get real.
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P.S. Hawking rocks! He and Carl Sagan got me interested in science as a child and teen respectively and his work is right on the boundary between relativity and quantum mechanics. Cool beans!!!
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Uh, I feel like I am admitting to being a buck-naked fool but why is genius spelled differently at the second usage? Is that part of the joke? I thought that I got the joke since Hawking is a genius and the Lego thing is described as "pure genius" but the last bit made me wonder if I missed the joke completely (blush). Did I just make a fool of myself (deeper blush)?
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