IBM Files for Bullet Dodging Bionic Body Armor Patent

IBM has filed for a patent on technology that would heighten reflexes, making it possible to actually dodge bullets. This body armor continuously scans the area for incoming projectviles. When one is detected the system delivers a shock to the body's muscles, thus creating a reflexive movement away from the incoming bullet.

The present invention relates generally to the protection of an individual against a projectile propelled from a firearm. More particularly, the present invention relates to a body armor system and its method of use that is capable of detecting a projectile propelled from a firearm, computing the trajectory of the projectile, and moving the individual out of the path of the projectile to avoid being hit.

Link - via gizmodo

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Gukbe2000.

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I wonder how this "armor" would react to a shotgun blast?

If it tried to calculate every trajectory for every pellet and activate muscles to twitch you out of the way of each one, you might end up being folded into an origami swan.
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The average distance for a criminal shooting is something like 7 yards. Say 20 feet, with the bullet moving at least 800 feet per second means that suit would need to move me out of the way in 25 milliseconds. That level of acceleration would cause lethal trauma.

So, suppose its just to protect against the extremely rare long range sniper... lets say that most of those kind of threats happen from 100 yards (far longer than the average criminal rifle shot I am sure)... even then with a rifle round moving 3000 feet per second the magical suit would still need to move me out of the way in about 0.1 seconds... seem very likely to anyone?

Perhaps this is some bizarre form of guerrilla marketing for IBM, but its not a useful device.
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They should require the inventor to demonstrate it with live ammo. What? Can't do it? That is because this is vaporware. A dream. IBM is putting that patent out there so they have something to sue with if someone comes out with any kind of technology that even comes close to this.

They need to revamp the law so that a person cannot get a patent with just an idea on paper. They need to build and demonstrate the actual working invention. Then they can get a patent.
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