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Technically, yes; ethically, no. I liken it to taking a drink of water from an external tap on someone's house. If I take water from the tap all day every day, I'm definitely stealing; if I stop once in a while just for a small drink, there's nothing wrong with that.
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Yeah, that looks nothing like a virgin mary any more than a swirl of tomato sauce. If Mary were really looking over him, he'd have NO scratches, a completely undamaged motorbike and would have awoke from the crash in a bed of flowers with a nice tasteful card that said "oh hai, i saved your butt, think of me, be good, lurvs ya. Mary."

He was lucky, and that's no proof of god or anything other than luck.
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That's some nice animation and crappy narration.
'...hinting at their symbolic importance' What the F does that even mean? It burns me every time there's some garbage filler offered in places where study has not revealed a plausible purpose for something being the way it is. Say 'we don't know' and get the respect of your audience, rather than trying to bamboozle them with non-statements.
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