LEGO Gun Draws SWAT Team

Jeremy Bell of Toronto, Canada, bought a LEGO kit that assembles into a realistic facsimile of a handgun. Naturally, it struck him as a good idea to bring it to work:

It was the end of the day so Mr. Bell and a few colleagues decided to wind down by playing a few rounds of the video game Modern Warfare 2 at the office before heading home. A little while later, sudden, intense yelling filled the office hallways.

"We originally thought there was some sort of domestic dispute out there ... that was until I clearly heard my name," said Mr. Bell.

"The guy sounded seriously angry and was instructing me to slowly come into the hall with my hands on my head."

It was Toronto's Emergency Task Force, more commonly known as the SWAT team, responding to calls of a man in an office with a gun. -- Thanks, Jeremy Barker! | Photo: Global TV

UPDATE 12/5/09: Jeremy Bell has blogged about the incident (via Hell in a Handbasket).

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@Innomado. If it's not Lego, then it shouldn't be called Lego here, should it?

Why is a "third party company" making realistic gun kits? My point still stands. It's a dumb idea.
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@Ted: Please read the articles linked above. It is made quite clear that the kits are produced and sold by a third party company, not by the Lego Group.(links are in Bell's blog post)

@Juice: I agree with you. I find it understandable that he feels some embarrassment but his tone indicated to me that he feels responsibility, which seems absurd.
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Hahaha, if you watch the video linked from the guy's blog, the neighbor sticks a sign in his window: "Sorry - It looked real!"

And to be fair, if the guy was assembling the toy, from the neighbor's vantage point, it would look a bit suspect. A guy sitting alone in an office, fiddling with a handgun? If I saw something like that, I'd probably notify the authorities too; imagine if you ignored it and later learned the guy went on an office shooting spree?
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