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If you're going to keep AA then you must include the following dis-advantaged groups:

- Stupid people
- Short people
- Fat people
- Red headed people
- Socially inept
- Ugly people
- Lazy people
- People who wear socks with sandals
- People who require corrective lenses
- People who wear their shirt collars up
- Felons
- Excessive talkers
- Bald people
- Terrorists
- Etc

These people have had life-long disabilities that others haven't so they should get in regardless of their test scores too! They also have different points of view than the majorities so they should be given preferential treatments in business too!
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What? First time ever? Endangered species?

I saw those little creatures many times when we used to go for trips in the desert, they are far from rare (unless they had some plague I didn't know about). They are really fast, really really fast. They zoom around quickly and turn steep angles in a fraction of a fraction of a second.

PS: I have to say it again, those guys are FAST.
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Ali Raja, the Arabic words for "King of the Sea."


As an Arab I can tell you that "Raja" is not an arabic word (if I'm not mistaken it's Hindi), and "Ali" is just a name (literally means high).

If you want the Arabic words for "King of the Sea." it is "Malik Al-Bahr" (Malik:King, Al:The, Bahr: Sea).
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