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I thought you only started to see the tornado after it touched ground because most of what you see in a tornado is debris from the ground, not the clouds coming down...
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I still don't understand how kids eat that crap... The only time I've ever eaten part of any school lunch was in elementary school when I lost my own lunch and I tried eating a few chicken nuggets.
At least normal junk food tastes better, but this shit is nasty and bad for you. So let's feed it to kids every day. Great idea.
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I thought this was pretty cool. Not just because you get to see a burning house, but because you could move around and get a time lapse of neighbors moving around. Even kids riding bikes, hopping curbs, and all sorts of things. You rarely get to see so many people in neighborhoods on google street view.

-JC: How is it not ethical to publish it? I'm probably missing something but I can't think of anything.
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Haha, I like it how with the emo looking guy 'Nic' they gave the doll a smile when the picture was frowning.

They're pretty cool, but it would be kind of weird to have one of my self.
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It told me my first was white spaces, which is true. I like things simple. But the secondary was pop art. For most of the pop art that I've seen, that is a definite NO.
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