Birth Of A Tornado

Another tornado caught on camera. These weather phenomena never cease to amaze me but I'm glad I don't live in an area where tornado formations are frequent.

Link: LiveLeak

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@Ar0000n: The rapid swirling winds can pull cloud material down with it as well. Or if they're fast enough, the resulting drop in pressure will cause condensation to suddenly form in the vortex.

I've lived in Texas all my life. You just get used to the likelihood that a summer storm will produce a twister, and keep your emergency kit handy. Folks on the Coast and in Cali do similar, and accept that Crap Happens. :-)

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I thought you only started to see the tornado after it touched ground because most of what you see in a tornado is debris from the ground, not the clouds coming down...
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I'd much rather live in a tornado area than someplace like the gulf coast with hurricanes, or California with it's fires and earthquakes.

You can much more easily get away from a tornado and it does less overall damage than hurricanes or earthquakes. Especially when "THE BIG ONE" hits.

If you thought New Orleans wasn't prepared for Katrina, just wait until they see how un-prepared they are for a big earthquake.
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