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@G– You're absolutely right. The public tends to notice unnatural or a bad death when it happens to famous people. You could probably put together a convincing argument about all the joe nobodies in boring, meaningless jobs committing suicide because they don't have the creative abilities to express themselves.

Whether or not one needs to be nigh suicidal to be a creative genius, I don't know, but it's not a requirement to be good at your craft.
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"Use the awesome power of the galaxy's most fearsome battlestation to send burning fear into rebel scum burgers and franks."

Too cute!
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Ouch PT, ouch. I sincerely hope that you're honest with the women you run through and that they completely understand that it's just for the sex. Otherwise, you're exactly the guy people hope their daughters don't run into.
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That looks like a safety hazard, what you fell and got that thing wrapped around your neck? Sure, you could poke out someone's eyes with a regular umbrella but at least the hurting is directed at other people.
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I agree, it was sweet. I shudder to imagine how long it took and how painful it was to get 700 tattoos!! It's too bad the link did not include images of that body art.
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Hey, it's George Micheal! :D

I watched this with the sound off (I'm at work) and I kept trying to fit these hilarious lyrics into the tune 'Faith'.
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