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I've met the majority of the popular well known graff artists and taggers in my humble Canadian city, and none of them would be considered underprivileged.

Most of them are fine art students.

Most of their reasoning fits what matt says, aside from the shoes, which is purely done as an art instillation piece.
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There's a difference between a political blog, and a blog that post political topics.
I think this was posted because it's a new and interesting use for graphs, statistics and current events.

If this post was more of a rant about a current or previous political figure, then i think more people would sympathize with you.
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No. 502: Get his daughters a puppy

Also for all the Obama whiners and complainers.
Other article blogs are just as all over the Obama craze as neatorama.
Suck it up and top being such babies.
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I love how the post starts with *YOU SHOULD NEVER TAMPER WITH THESE SIGNS* and then proceeds in telling you how to do it regardless.

And yes.
Im defently trying this next time I get the opportunity.
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Ping Pong Static Party!
Can you picture it?
Everyone lying on the floor,
with ping pongs taped to their eyes,
listening to static radio.

Its like a scene from the Twilight Zone.
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