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@ all the people who say bad taste.... Get a grip! yes its really bad there but life goes on.

I'm not being insensitive as i really understand whats happening in haiti - but it has no relavence here and people who think it does need a reality check.

Buildings are demo'd all the time, do you think companies WORLDWIDE stopped what they were doing incase someone on the internet made a very loose connection between their work and a national disaster... no!

People die in the hundreds worldwide via road accidents - do you think car companies really stop their adverts each time incase some narrowminded moaner gets the hump?

Like the post for what it is, a funny joke nothing more nothing less.
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been like this for ages in the UK now, nothing new tbh - nothing changes cause of the pictures either.

People laugh at them in the pubs and compair to see "who has the worst"
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i dont understand the joke?

wouldn't it just be easier to say " laser etcher / cutters are cool " without going with the ballache of making something pointless.

There are far better designs that the machine can easily pull off that would be better tbh
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What the ?? are these guys backwards or what....

some nations and people located there astound me with their general stupidity and general simplicity

3rd world logic ftw eh?
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