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If Megaman were to defeat a carnival claw game in an epic battle and then after crushing it, he assimilated its powers into him, this is what his power arm would look like.

I can really see them using this in the next Megaman game.
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Rouge - Black

I suppose me mentioning the Scarecrow dressing in drag would look great with this watch on wont help me much will it? haha

Thanks again for the fun contest.
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When the Scarecrow of OZ decides to do drag shows, this is his purse, where he keeps some extra straw to stuff the chest, a little bottle of deer urine musk to drive the men wild, and a can of pepper spray for when the cowardly lion gets a little too excited.
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Hello Frank. Thank you for providing the world with something so honest and truthful.

My question

When postcards come in and you pick the ones you want to feature every week, do you ever wonder who the people are that sent in the cards? Given them a back story if only in your own mind? Perhaps reached back out to someone who put a return address on the card?

Thank you so much! You have helped so many.
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Just because the quiz is fun, but doesnt once mention the actual twitter accounts, here you go:

Incidentally, this is also the order of the answers. Cheers.
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My apologies on the John Candy death thing, I wrote it out and totally looked past that mistake.

John Candy didnt take the role, and it was not because he was dead, that was just for Belushi. Again. Apologies.
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