Cash4Gold: Is It For Real?

Times are tough, and money is spread pretty thin, so you probably want to sell some of your stuff. If you decide to sell your gold jewelry to Cash4Gold, who has been running a lot of late-night TV and radio ads, read this article by Rob Cockerham of Cockeyed first:

Cash4Gold is nice enough to admit when they were trying to rip you off.

Since I saw the first commercial, I had a feeling that Cash4Gold might be a rip-off. They advertise during late-night cable television programming and on sports radio. This time slot is pretty crowded with what I call "red-flag" advertising. Another hint is that their DBA sounds more like a text message than an actual business name.

You are encouraged to send your "scrap" gold in a plastic bag, and to trust they will handle it securely and send a reasonable, near market-rate payment for the precious metal therein. They'll take whatever gold items you have, so maybe it would be too complicated to offer actual prices posted on their website.


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zav, not only thugs watch late night television. I would like to add that there are many people who work afternoon or midnight shifts that would also be watching late night tv. You can obviously tell that you work a daylight shift and you judge everyone else who does not do the norm like you do. Besides, who cares if it is a scam or not. If it is and you decide to get used by the scam then that is your own fault. If it is really was a scam I am sure someone would have stepped in and shut it down by now. Personally most of my jewelry was gifts that I would never get rid of, it all has a memory behind it. If I ever did anything with it, I would take it to a local jeweler and have it melted down into a charm or into something else that I would want.
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--Marci - 06/24/08
I saw the commercial on TV., sent for the kit , gathered all my broken gold pieces, rings, charms etc and sent it in on 4/9/08. My friends and family laughed at me and said I had just lost gold that I could have pawned and gotten the money then. Today, 4/19/08 , I just got my check , very sizeable for what I sent in, and I'm the one laughing now! Thank You Cash4Gold , I now have extra $$ to take to Cancun !

Davie, Fl

thats a testimonial
and how did nobody here see that this was a scam?
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Cash4Gold is a rip off! I sent in a 1/2 ounce mix of 10 and 14 carrot gold, with an engagement ring (minus the diamond) that was 18 carrot gold. A nice heavy handful of gold! This was when gold was $890 per ounce. Guess what... I got a check for a grand total of $26. What a scam. Don't fall for this scam like the rest of us did on this thread. Throw your gold in the toilet and flush before you send it to those scam artists so they can laugh at you all the way to the bank.
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Don't use cash for gold it is a RIP OFF!! I sent an engagement ring in as well as some other jewelery and they sent me a check for $15 I was so upset but I what can I say I fell for it.
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I feel awful for you that you got a check for 27 cents for antique jewelry and a broken wedding ring. I'm glad to hear your story, because I'd actually "considered" trying this--and now I never will after reading all the comments (from everyone). My goodness, how tragic that you got so badly ripped off and the man who took a rock from his driveway and spray-painted it gold received $2 from Cash4Gold. Insanity plus!

I know 2 guys that make their living by purchasing estate jewelry, then selling it at craft shows in the area (Shore Area of New Jersey). They make a BUNDLE! They are always looking for jewelry. They even have some contacts in New York City and they go those people occasionally to see what they have. Find someone like them. I'm sure they would have given you a fair price for inherited jewelry, if it was in good condition--and they thought others out there might be interested in it.
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