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First, MissC, thanks for the link.

In my office, we've gravitated to the green "EXIT" signs, which is a little like splitting the baby in half as a compromise.

When I was in England a few years back, that was the first time I had encountered the green man sign. It took me a while to first notice it, and then a little while longer to understand what it meant. Once I did, it made perfect sense.
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The coral is acropora, a form of table coral, generally found in the shallows in high current areas.

The algae that Johnny Cat refers to actually lives within the skeleton of the coral itself. Those are golden-brownish in color.
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Thank god these people spent so much time and money during an economic recession to save a stray dog owned by a homeless man.

They are a charity, asshole, why do you care? It's not coming out of your lint-filled, moth-eaten pocket.
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I had no problem with this, and of all the people to
do this, Lenore Skenazy, who writes a weekly column
for (I think) the Daily News would be most fully
informed of the dangers and would have trained her son

You have to learn how to survive on mass transit in
NYC. Them's the rules and if you don't, you're at a
serious disadvantage later in life.
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Nahanni Says:
December 8th, 2006 at 1:41 am
Fishy has no problems with Hillary Clinton spending the same amounts of money for a dress.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, she never has. Read my post. And her normal wardrobe is perfectly sensible, and sensibly priced.

Maybe that's why you hate her so much: she's a sensible woman!
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George Says:
Are all elected officials, including the First Family supposed to take a vow of poverty when they take office?

Uhhhhh, no, but it would be nice if they spent, like most Americans, a decent amount on their clothes.

I understand how these things work: De La Renta gifted the dress to the White House (recall how Nancy Reagan had to give her dresses back when she left?), and Laura got to wear it.

BUt really...when most people in this country can't afford an $850 suit, what's the point in having her wear an $8500 gown? Wouldn't a $1,000 gown cover her just as well?
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