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I would direct anyone who thinks Dubai is harsh to the next story down about the girl who drew on her desk in NEW YORK. I'm not saying their laws aren't screwed up, just that so are everyone else's. There are plenty of places in the states where you can still get fined for spitting.
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Ah yes, the perpetual pre-trib search for the antichrist continues... This guy doesn't strike me as evil and he's not a politician.... But I suppose if he gets fatally wounded and miraculously survives, it'll be a dead giveaway. ....Oh wow, poor guy, I hope people don't start trying to kill him over this!
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Stupid link is being blocked by Adsense, it has a severe food bias, didn't let me look at cereal either. :(

Pepper Jelly is wonderful stuff, it's a lot like honey, but with burning.
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As a woman with a BS in computer science who likes Star Trek, video games, and coke, I find this freakin hilarious. I take it Zachary Quinto was not on any of the posters?
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