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When I was in shop class in high school, I made a neckless charm of my suffix, a roman numeral 3. My shop teacher wouldn't let me wear it because it was a "gang symbol."
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I don't worry so much about America's dominance in the rest of the world so much as I worry about our stability within our own economy on our own soil.

When I see situations like the Katrina disaster and the whole mess that has created, along with the crash of the housing market, the growing cost of the average quality of life, and the actual possibility of having a female or ethic president for the first time in our great nation, it all signals very radical times for our great nation. It's scary but exciting at the same time. Sure, things have gotten pretty bad over the last eight years but maybe the next eight will be a time of positive growth.

The overall quality of life for the average American is still light years ahead of other countries. And we are still looked at as an important powerhouse in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Look at the Dafur situation for example. The fact that we haven't taken as big a step in helping fight that genocide makes us look bad in the eyes of the rest of the world..... because we are still looked as one of, if not the strongest country in the world.

Also, one quick side note:

What some people may not realize is that America plays a huge role in the development of the other countries that are "moving ahead of us." Like Dubai. A lot of American investors are why that place is what is it. Outsourcing is another example. My company tried to lay off some employees to an outsourcing company based in India...... owned by Americans.
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But you have to watch them from the beginning. If you watch the first Mooninites episode and don't like it, they show isn't for you.

2. Venture Bros
Again, watch from the beginning and every episode gets better.

3. Dr. Catz
Also very very funny.

4. Sealab
Hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

5. Space Ghost / Brak
They are the same thing to me. Brak's episode about spies and Space Ghost with Radiohead were classic.
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::: To BEAN :::

This affected more than just rich people. There were a lot of people who were first time buyers that this affected. In my office and circle of friends alone, about 60% of them were affected by this. It wasn't just people who bought homes, there were people who refinanced too.

Basically, a lot of people put themselves in debt or ruined their credit.
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