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We buy milk in jugs in British Columbia. But since i've moved to Quebec I've been introduced to the milk-in-a-bag idea. It takes some getting used too, but is totally manageable.
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I've always admired Watterson for being able to quit while the strip was still really popular. It's really rare that he's doing an interview too.
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Hey now, hey now.

I think the article is just pointing out that the common belief that Gates wrote and sold his own software is wrong. Gates wasn't a poor genius who worked his way up from the bottom. He was a rich kid who worked smart and hard, and was rewarded.

Go easy on Neatorama. If you think the words "cheater" and "faker" are too harsh then tell the editors at Monolith instead.
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Oh sorry, the article is from two years old but the updated story from this month is a continuation from that research; the update explains that trasplanting DNA grown from a lab into a living cell has failed since 2007 because of rejection issues. The breaktrough is that Dr. Craig Venter has developed a way to grow DNA which are methylated.
"Methylation should protect the synthetic genome against the host cells’ defenses, much as drugs that suppress the immune system protect transplanted organs against rejection. "

I was jumping around articles to get a picture I liked and I went for the old article by mistake. Really sorry about that.
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