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I'm from one of the few whale hunting nations in the world and I can verify that whale meat is quite tasty. It's nothing worth driving a species to extinction over either so personally I believe my countrymen should give it up.
I also personally believe we should limit our meat intake to 1-2 meat portions per week and ensure that the animal was killed humanely and lived under cruelty-free living conditions.

Having said that, I do worry about the motives of people like the makers of The Cove and some Animal Rescue groups (who routinely complain about horses being sold to meat production).
This is because you can't send a vegan to preach about responsible meat consumption anymore than you can have the pope preaching about sexual behavior (gay marriage, condoms, etc.).
A vegan on the missionary trail (as opposed to vegans who don't feel the need to preach) will always have that as his/her ultimate purpose to convince you to give up meat entirely.
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Let's not get too abstract here. Some countries are certainly better than others, but depending on how you look at it.
America ranks fairly high thanks to places like N-Korea (as they never fail to point out), but only if you consider infrastructure general well-being of the people. According to a recent report from the Central Bureau census, there are 37 million poor people living in America today. North Korea only has about 23 million people so America has produced more poor people.
But then again that doesn't take into account the relativism of poverty or per capita calculations (percentage wise, N-Korea is certainly more impoverished).

But then you can also look at other things such as the environmental track record and involvement in unfortunate conflicts on foreign soil, but N-Korea would come out ahead of the U.S. on both accounts.

So, even a sh$$hole like N-Korea that's doing awful on a national level can come out ahead if you consider the global influence.
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To recap.
Things founded in racism:
- The Rockefeller dynasty (although probably old John D. didn't have much to do with it)
- America
- American drug law

You can throw Henry Ford in with the racist tycoons along with a few other unsavory individuals. No wonder every Youtube comment thread devolves into a (an American) racist shouting match, it's as American as an apple pie (made from a genetically pure strain of apples)
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16% average for the top schools out of a 5% national total is still pretty darn high. Why don't we have more high ranking Asians, software pioneers as opposed to talented software designers? Is that a sign of discrimination that continues into the work place or is it a byproduct of the focus of their upbringing?

These are things worth looking into but it doesn't change the fact that there should be zero adjustment in the curve, if the Asian kids are scoring higher then they should get everything they deserve. If it's time for the German, English and Irish immigrant kids to step down and let the next batch take over, then that's entirely in accordance with the ideals that America is founded on.

Maybe this is just a sign of a superpower in decline grasping at straws, striking at the "enemy" within, cowering in the shadow China's towering financial phallus.
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I have a lot of respect for the boy scouts. I was a boyscout and so was Hergé (the writer of Tintin)and he is one of my personal heroes. On the other hand, I can't see why the boy scouts couldn't leave out the Christian morality, in practice it's always been more about instilling a community spirit, discipline and practical skills. Accepting Jesus into your life and barring homosexuals from joining doesn't seem particularly community-spirit-like, unless you feel that homosexuals and non-Christians have less to learn from the boyscouts.

On the topic of morality and "clean-living", it was at a boyscout camp that me, my friend and several other boys learned how to drink...and we've kept it up since ;)
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