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My friend also does maps like this. Here's his website: http://laartist.net/contentplacement/custom_nightbg/custom_nightbg.html
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Even if they WERE actually going those speeds, it doesn't look like they are to me. I don't get the feeling of speed that I get with other chase scenes that DO blow this out of the water.

I don't care about realism, I want to be thrilled, and that's what a car chase scene is SUPPOSED to do.

Otherwise, there are a LOT of less boring ways to have a chase scene than to show people calmly siting in their cars, driving around in the city. Why not have them chase after each other on foot? Why not on roller skates? Why not on skateboards or with jetpacks? Seriously, people sitting in their cars driving around town just does not a chase scene make! :)
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I don't mean to be sour on your opinion. Sorry if I came off harsh, didn't mean to. Anyway, you can look at any Smokey and the Bandit movie, you can look at Ronin, you can look at Fast and the Furious, Borne Identity, or just about any James Bond movie, and find better car chases. I'm just sayin' you know?
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By its own day's standards, it was the best. However, I've seen SO MANY car chases in more recent movies that blow this entirely out of the water.

In fact, this is just plain boring compared to today's offerings. I know, I know, this is where it all really started, but still, to say this is the best EVER is really stretching it.
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