Best Car Chase Ever.

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Bullitt [wiki] is most-remembered for its central car chase scene through the streets of downtown San Francisco, one of the earliest and most influential car chase sequences in movies. The scene had Bullitt in a dark "Highland Green" 1968 Ford Mustang G.T.390 Fastback, chasing two hit-men in a "Tuxedo Black" 1968 Dodge Charger R/T Hemi. (In honor of the Mustang in the film, the Ford Motor Company produced a limited edition 2001 Ford Mustang GT "Bullitt Mustang," which took styling cues from the '68 movie car and even mimicked its exhaust note). Fasten your seatbelt! Push play or go to Link [YouTube] .

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"However, I’ve seen SO MANY car chases in more recent movies that blow this entirely out of the water."

it's sad when today's demographic of 18-24 year old males can't respect history. that car chase still holds today because it is real and not computer generated. i guess that means nothing to guys like you.
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I would agree with geekazoid, car chases today have started to turn into CGI drift-fests, ripe with impossibility. This may make the occasional thrill, but a real one always tops it. That doesn't mean that there are no good car chases nowadays. The one in Bourne Identity was amazing, if only for the sense of desparation it conveyed. Bullitt was astounding in it's day for being a real car chase, with real cars, going real fast. And that is why it will always be the best.
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This is the best over, no matter how many times I watch it, it still thrills me. Car chases have been SO overdone in movies it is no longer exciting or innovative. There is more to car chases than showing them going against traffic, in busy roads, and sometimes using CGI effects. Less is best.

If you notice for most of the chase there isn't even an annoying soundtrack in the background, just the sound of pure, unadulterated muscle grinding the pavement. Granted this is filmed in San Francisco but the filmmakers made a nice balance between putting enough vehicles on the streets and freeway to make it real and not overdone like so many other car chases. And back then, without annoying CGI and other lazy techniques, you know these guys were doing it for real.

This will always stand the test of time.
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Other more spectacular car chase scenes may have come after it, but if it weren't for this one, they would've never existed. All hail the original!
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Great clip. I remember reading about the making of this and they said the guy in the Charger had to hold off a bit because the Mustang just couldn't keep up.
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