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How does adding Star Wars characters make it special? They're already everywhere anyway. Especially in this case, it makes no damn sense to shove Star Wars characters in to photos of Dubai urban decay.

Star Wars, please die off and leave us alone already.
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Yea every one of the "plot holes" can be explained pretty easily and make plenty of sense. These people didn't put as much effort into understanding the movie as they did pointing out supposed holes.

And Batman sounds that way because his cowl has a device that warps his voice!!!! Bale gets so much shit for it, but that's batman folks. Nerd up and learn.
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"An American Flag (CGI) flies proudly in the central courtyard."

CGI the flag? So beyond unnecessary Mr. Bay.

Plus gotta love the truly brilliant description he gave of Rachel Dawes. Platinum blonde, huge rack, "She is the hottest woman in the world, but she wears glasses because she's also the smartest woman in the world."

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